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Have an open mind to new possibilities and create daily with inspiration.

How to Have an Open Mind to Create Daily

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Open eyes and an open mind.
Where can I create something original?

Open your mind

This is a question I ask myself daily.
I am influenced and guided by so much in my life including people, places, things and experiences.
But I ask myself to CREATE daily with an open mind,
and I am usually co-creating with a higher power to serve.
I find a HUGE amount of comfort
in trusting that I am guided into action.

It’s not all up to me.
because I always will.
Please consider opening your energy,
to an open mind and open heart
ideas, abundance,
creation, service, and an open mind.

You are an #innovator. You are a #dreamchaser. You are a #gift.
You are a #trailblazer.

How can you open your mind and create right now? Share what you’re inspired to create below.

Lynan Saperstein

One response to “How to Have an Open Mind to Create Daily”

  1. Carmen Isais says:

    Make space. Creating can attract clutter. Make certain to create space by moving things OUT. Meditation, whether it is traditional sitting, or moving meditations such as yoga, tai chi, or the like are a must. Consider it a part of the creative process.

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