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Advanced Brand Building For the Global Marketplace

Advanced Brand Building In A Global Marketplace: A Checklist For Success

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By now you know that branding is critical for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Now it’s time to step up from the basics and implement an advanced brand building strategy that is guaranteed to set your business apart from the masses.

The beauty of the digital age is that it opens up countless new opportunities to form meaningful relationships with your ideal clients from around the world. But this global marketplace also means you are competing against countless other entrepreneurs and travel + tourism businesses for attention. A pretty logo and color palette alone simply won’t cut it.

Being the trailblazer you are, I know you want to up-level your brand and leave a lasting impression on your target audience. This checklist for success will show you how: 

Advanced Brand Building In A Global Marketplace


1. Increase Clarity Of Your Brand’s Narrative

  • Be a storyteller.

If you want your target audience to engage and connect with your brand, then you need to be a storyteller.

Stories are the number one way to cut through the digital noise and draw your customer in. Stories are how potential clients will decide if they can relate to you. It’s how they will grow to know, trust and like you. And ultimately, great storytelling is how customers will decide if they want to BUY from you.

Let people know your passion and purpose for what you are doing. Tell the compelling story behind the HOW and WHY your business began. Share your vision for delivering high-quality services. Talk about future growth. Spark emotions.

For a fantastic example of brand storytelling in the travel and tourism industry, have a look at this past client’s About Page: Blue Osa: Our Story. 

  • Include your customer in the story. 

The best storytellers are those who include their audience in the narrative. Remember, it’s not really about you—it’s about your client or customer. Weave your client’s desires into your story. Convey why they love your brand, why they hire you, and why they keep returning to you for more.

To learn more about the power of brand storytelling, don’t miss this excellent article by the Content Marketing Institute.


2. Be Totally Consistent In Your Brand’s Message

It should be easy to see EXACTLY what you’re offering, what you’re about and what sets you apart. Here are some things to consider when it comes to complete consistency in your brand:

  • For travel + tourism businesses, get clear on the destination, energy and—most importantly—the experience you are selling.
  • Make your Brand Style Guide easily accessible to everyone who works for you. You can’t have consistency if the standard isn’t clear to your team!
  • Create standards for your social media platforms. Will you place a logo or watermark on all of your photos? What brand hashtags are you using? What voice and energy are you conveying? May on The Big Factor Blog is devoted to social media, so come back for more next week to learn how to utilize social media to its highest potential.
  • Check that the e-mail signatures are all the same for everyone in your company. This will ensure professionalism and recognition.
  • Have a standard About or Bio that you use everywhere. This might also include a mini-media kit that represents your business across all of your online and print platforms. That means using the same key photos and language everywhere. So your brand is recognized!
  • Re-do EVERYTHING that is not consistent with your brand or style guide. That means business cards, letterheads, invoices, envelopes, brochures, t-shirts, vans, banners… Leave no stone unturned so that all of your clients will recognize you and your brand wherever you are. Trust me, it’s worth it.


3. Build Relationships

One you have a clear and consistent brand in place, it’s time to start exposing your brand to new audiences.

  • Look for interview opportunities and online publications where you can submit guest posts. This is called social PR, and it is one of the best ways to build your klout and create a buzz. Podcasts. Media. Exposure.
  • Send out press releases anytime your business has fresh, new offerings and exciting news to share.
  • Attend trade shows or create tour events to get face-to-face with the consumers.
  • Collect testimonials and social proof of your rockstar services to showcase on promotional materials and your online platforms. Build this into a client routine so it doesn’t slip through the cracks!


4. Re-evaluate

Take the time today to set up a date to revisit and re-evaluate your brand + visual identity. How frequently will you continue to revisit your branding strategy? I recommend at least annually, but don’t be afraid to check-in sooner if you feel your brand is no longer aligned with your business’ journey. Rebranding might sound scary, but it can also be crazy exciting—and extremely necessary.


Advanced brand building in a global marketplace might sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Follow this checklist for branding success and I know you’ll have the impactful brand your business deserves!


How do you go above and beyond in your branding strategy? What do you believe to be the most powerful advanced brand building technique? 

Lynan Saperstein

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