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Why Work With A Marketing Agency?

Engage the right team that sets your brand apart.

The effortless 5 step process of finding a marketing agency partner to strategize and grow your travel or tourism company should not be painful or daunting. We wanted to offer the ideal steps to help you feel comfortable to find those special someones who will produce the right approach and creative to express your brand’s messaging.

Step 1:

Brainstorm what you NEED and what you LOVE.

Be on the lookout for creative that stands out. Explore websites, emails, logos and videos that inspire your company and that could catch your customer’s eye. Think about what’s working with your marketing and what you could improve to get the results you desire. Be prepare to share your ideas and collaborate with our team.

Step 2:

Make sure there is a connection.

Partner with a team lead - whom you not only get along with, but whom you trust, so you can easily talk to about your dreams and fears. There is a chance you won’t meet all the Agency team members like copywriters, designers or developers working on your account, so a trusted project manager who you are on the same page with is essential.

Step 3:

You are looking for a creative partner who will get to know your brand intimately.

You want an agency who enjoys supporting your team and working on the project. You want your marketing team to be as inspired by your company and product as you are. The agency whose reputation and exceptional client work excites you, should be the team you choose to work with.

Lynan Saperstein is a luxury marketing strategist who guides international travel, tourism and retreat businesses to more bookings with less effort. Through her full service digital marketing agency, she transform client’s ideas into actual business growth + profit. Lynan’s expertise is amplifying online presence, closing more sales & dominating in your marketplace. We build the ultimate experience websites: complete with marketing systems, magnetic sales copy and gorgeous visual branding. She is passionate about expanding & highlighting the extraordinary experiences and lavish destinations that exist. Let’s utilize the power of online marketing to increase your sales and bookings to put yours on the map today!

Step 4:

Find the perfect strategy and implementation team to work with.

Website Design & Development

Graphic Design

Social Media (Especially Instagram & Pinterest)

Social PR

Conversion Optimization & Strategy

Content Management

SEO & Digital Advertising Facebook & Google Ads

Step 5:

Keep it simple.

You don’t want an over-complicated process to engage a marketing agency.
You want us to clearly map out the specific scope of your project needs.