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best travel and tourism blogs to follow for serious inspiration

5 Tourism Brands To Follow For Serious Blogging Inspiration

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If you’re a travel and tourism brand, then you absolutely cannot undervalue the importance of a business blog. For starters, blogging is one of the most organic ways to get new website traffic to your site. And fresh, targeted traffic means more clients, more customers and more MONEY.


But even more importantly, a business blog for your travel and tourism brand is one of the best ways to build your know, like and trust factor. 


When most people land on your travel website for the first time, they aren’t ready to make a purchase. But by regularly blogging, your readers will begin to discover who you are and what you value through each word and topic you write about.


If you go above and beyond by blogging about topics that resonate with your ideal customers, then you’ll soon go from a stranger to a trusted and likable authority.


And you can bet that if your readers are choosing to buy from you or a business they’ve never heard of, then they are going to choose you every time.


Unfortunately, most travel and tourism businesses get this wrong.


They use their blog as a method for self-promotion. Rather than providing valuable content and insightful information to potential clients, they use their blog purely as a “salesy” marketing medium. Don’t be like everyone else. Take care of your readers with the amazing articles you write, and, in turn, your readers will rely on you for the earth-shattering services that you offer.


I know what you’re thinking… That’s all well and good, but how do I actually think of these inspiring and interesting topics to blog about? 


You’re running a travel business. You are not necessarily a wordsmith or content marketer. If blogging is a constant source of stress for your company, then first and foremost consider calling in a blogging expert—someone who will ensure your blog is creating real lasting relationships with readers (and converting them into customers) for a sizable return on investment.


If you enjoy writing or you’re not ready to outsource blogging just quite yet, don’t worry. By following a few specific guidelines, you can start to dramatically improve your blog content—and grow your travel business through the power of a fantastic blog.


I’ve shared my 12 pillars of a brilliant business blog before. But today, I want to specifically share tips and resources for tourism brands who want to inspire serious inspiration and wanderlust in their readers.


One of the best ways to find travel blogging inspiration is to learn from those brands who are already nailing their travel blogging strategy.


These are a few of my all-time favorite travel blogs that make me want to devour each and every piece of content they produce.


1. AFAR Magazine

afar travel magazine


AFAR is one of the best experiential travel magazines out there. Their content is unique and original, with specific titles that make me want to hop on the next plane to wherever they are writing about.


Take this article: Five Creatures You Can See By Kayak Near San Francisco


Most travelers who visit San Francisco have never thought about exploring the Bay’s wildlife via kayak, but what a fun and fantastic idea. In a sea of articles like ‘Ten Things To Do In San Francisco’, it’s clear that this is a fun blog post that grabs attention and inspires travelers in an off-the-beaten-track way.


It’s also obvious that the writers and editors at AFAR take time to craft unique content with super-engaging headlines. This is a fantastic place to start if you’re looking for serious travel blogging inspiration.


2. Travel + Leisure

travel and leisure


Most travelers have heard of Travel + Leisure. That’s because their tips and articles for sophisticated travelers are as top-notch as they come.


An article I love here is: On The Bucket List: Swimming With Pigs In The Bahamas


I mean, how adorable are those swimming pigs in the Exumas? It’s not a long article, but the pictures are truly worth a thousand words.


3. Travel Yourself

travel yourself blogging inspiration


Travel Yourself is a bit different than the other examples on this list in that the founder, Cailin O’Neil, publishes new travel videos every week. She also has tons of blog posts and her stories have been featured around the web. If you want to see what a popular travel blog with an engaged audience looks like, then have a peek around Travel Yourself and take note of how she relates to her audience in a real and authentic way.


4. Intrepid Travel

intrepid travel blogging inspiration


Intrepid Travel is known for their adventurous, off-the-beaten-track, small group trips around the world. They have done an amazing job crafting a blog that successfully inspires readers to sign up for their next Intrepid Adventure, wherever in the world that might be.


Have a look at: The 12 best travel challenges for 2015


Not only are there adrenaline-pumping trips for all levels of adventures, Intrepid Travel also lists specific tours you can take with their company that fall under each category. Real, awesome engaging content that also serves a sales purpose for a serious ROI.


5. Abercrombie and Kent 


abercrombie and kent blogging inspiration

Abercrombie and Kent always tops my list of favorite luxury travel brands. So it comes as no surprise that they also have a swoon-worthy travel blog.


I specifically love their “Expert’s Eye” column. Without coming across as overly promotional, A & K interviews local destination experts, providing readers with insight they might not find other places. It’s interesting, but it also builds the travel brand’s authority as a go-to luxury tour operator.


No matter how great your blog topic, don’t forget that you need a potent headline to entice your readers to click through and actually read your content.


According to Copyblogger, on average, 80% of people will read your headline—but only 20% will click through to the content. The better your headline, the better your chances of having potential clients and customers actually read your epic content. And of course, that’s where the real magic happens!


The above resources are great places to get inspiration for magnetic headlines that actually work. If you want to learn more about crafting amazing blog headlines, then I recommend The Step-by-Step Guide To Writing Powerful Headlines by Neil Patel.


If you have an idea for a blog headlines but you’re not entirely sure if your readers will find it as fascinating as you do, then try plugging it into a free headline analyzer.


The Advanced Marketing Institute has a free headline analyzer that determines the EMV (Emotional Marketing Value) of your headline. The idea is that connecting with readers on a deep and emotional level is the most sure-fire way to reach and convert potential prospects. The higher your EMV score, the more powerful your blog headline.


CoSchedule also has a free headline analyzer that measures a variety of components, such as length, word choice, SEO value and more.


With countless travel blogs out there, it’s not always easy for tourism brands to rise above the white noise and create real, meaningful content that converts readers into customers. However, if you use these travel websites for blogging inspiration and take a bit of time to dig into the resources outlined above, then you’ll be well on your way to a travel business blog that skyrockets both your profit and your impact.


What travel websites do you follow for serious blogging inspiration? Has your travel and tourism business found additional ways to create fascinating content your readers love?


Lynan Saperstein

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