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4 Things Every Website Must Have To Convert Visitors Into Customers Blog

4 Things Every Website Must Have To Convert Visitors Into Customers

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Increasing your business’ website traffic is fantastic. But as entrepreneurs who are ready to scale up our businesses, serve more people and step into abundance, we don’t just want web traffic numbers alone.

What we DO want are engaged website visitors who convert into paying customers.
Designing your website with conversion in mind will allow you to capture more ideal client leads. And just so you know, this doesn’t just mean more money for you—it also means getting to share more of your unique brilliance with the people who WANT and NEED it around the world.

If you’re ready to start converting visitors today, then this information-packed post is for you!

4 Things Every Website Must Have To Convert Visitors Into Customers


1. An Irresistible Opt-In

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (to make sure you’re doing it!): the number one thing your website needs to start making more money TODAY is an irresistible e-mail opt-in. You want to capture new leads and begin building relationships as soon as possible. This is how you nurture your web traffic into becoming your ideal clients.

REMEMBER: Your opt-in is not another offer to join a weekly newsletter. Give your website visitors something AMAZING—a free gift—something that they just cannot believe they are receiving in exchange for just their name and e-mail address alone. Give your website visitors value from the start, that way they will know you always deliver the very best.

Ebooks are always a popular opt-in. Other ideas to consider are workbooks, printable checklists/organizers/planners, video series and mini-courses. Get creative but don’t forget to tune-in to your ideal client’s needs and struggles—their pain point—and specifically showcase the unique solutions that you can offer.

Be painstakingly precise with the action steps that visitors must take to receive your awesome opt-in. Use the copy above the opt-in box to tell your audience exactly what they need to do. Arrows or making your ‘submit’ box Amazon yellow can be helpful too. This is called call-to-action marketing for this reason. I always advise clients to pretend like their web visitors are little children who need step-by-step guidance to implement the desired action. That way you can be sure it’s self-explanatory what they’ll get and exactly how to receive it.


2. Opt-In Boxes Integrated Throughout Your Site

The most important, number one place you need to put your opt-in box is above the fold on your homepage. But that’s just one of the places you can use to effectively capture e-mail signups.

Include opt-in boxes everywhere on your website that visitors might find appealing and naturally occurring. Critical areas are the bottom of blog posts, in your footer, scattered in between copy on a sales page, on your About Page, and even on your Contact Page. Pretty much, every single page of your website should contain at least one opt-in box for the visitors who like what they’re reading.

In addition to your irresistible opt-in, you can also offer a direct-contact Call To Action that lets your potential clients schedule a time to speak or connect with you directly. Again this is an excellent way to long-term nurture relationships. Plugins from VCita and Schedule Once can streamline this process.

For ultimate success, test your website to see which opt-in boxes work and which don’t.  This is intro to A/B testing; which layout is more effective in converting website visitors into ideal leads. Then continue to optimize, tweak and test again. Remember that more and more people are using the web on their mobile devices, so enhancing your opt-in box for mobile devices can result in the absolute best conversion rates. If you need help, Peek by UserTesting can show you what real people do when they land on your website for the first time.


3. Clear and Compelling Front-Page Copy

After creating an irresistible opt-in, this is the next most important thing your website needs: clear and compelling front-page copy that is NOT about you.

You want to demonstrate that you know your ideal client intimately. Who are they really—underneath it all? What are their deeper needs? What are their struggles that consume them? You need to know the answers to these questions and more so you can provide solutions to your client’s problems and deliver high-quality products & services. But you also want to use this data for ‘pull-questions’ in the copy so that your website traffic is thinking, “Yes, that’s me!” when they land on your homepage.  Immediately getting your new visitors to self-qualify that they are in the right place and need the benefits/results that you offer.

If you get lost with your copy, return to the reader’s results and benefits of working with you throughout your site. Then they will keep coming back to YOU for the solutions you offer as an expert.


4. Useful and Valuable Blog Content

It’s all about building and nurturing relationships with your clients and potential customers, and one of the best ways to do this is through a blog that you write on consistently.

When it comes to blogging, one of the most important things you can do is to create an editorial calendar and stick to it. Writing on a weekly basis is ideal if you want to rank higher in search engines. Consistency will also keep your readers engaged and let them know when they can expect new awesome content from you. Then they keep coming back for more!

Aside from search engines, blogging is an extremely valuable way to build rapport with your readers. You will be sharing your blog content in your weekly or monthly emails to the captured leads from the opt-in boxes. They will receive your brilliant information to their inbox regularly. And if you are always over-delivering on valuable, engaging and authoritative content, then your website traffic will begin to KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. And when it comes down to purchasing a service from you (the valued and trusted friend) or a random business they found on Google, you can best believe that they will choose YOU every time.

Share content that showcases your wisdom and expertise. Share content that customers crave. Share what your ideal client is searching for so that when they find it, they also find YOU!


Begin converting more website visitors into customers today by leveraging these must-haves. Each tip is valuable on its own, but when utilized together they are completely unstoppable!


Do you use all of these must-haves on your website to convert traffic into clients? What additional tips would you offer to entrepreneurs who can’t seem to convert their visitors into customers? Share your feedback and questions in the comments below!


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