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3 Steps to Figuring Out Resistance for Success

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This week we’re talking about resistance – resistance where other people are resisting your success or you are internally resisting your success.  Some symptoms of resistance include the following:

  • Procrastination: when you’re just not doing things or not completing things or simply putting them off.  This includes chronic procrastinators and people who don’t traditionally procrastinate but are starting to now.
  • Complaining: about tasks, meetings, or clients you have to see.  You find that you’re making excuses about why you can’t complete these things or take these meetings.
  • Frustration: you’re getting annoyed about the things you have to do or the things that are coming into your life, your business.

So what can you do about the resistance that is holding you back?  Here’s 3 steps to help you break through to your BIG dreams.

  1. Awareness: The first step to breaking down resistance is awareness of when it is happening.  Start to see where you’re fighting success and pushing it back.  Where are you saying NO to success?  Where are you sending mixed messages to the universe?
  2. Do what you love: A second action step is to start focusing on the things that you love.  Stop thinking in the negative area where things are frustrating but rather stay in the space where you’re doing what you love.  Make it your idea! Remember, this is your BIG dream for yourself and your business.   Simply say, this is what I want so I’m just going to do it with love and positive energy.  Make yourself joyful.

The third step is more internal, more in-depth. Resistance that you’re putting on yourself is a very deep, potentially dark emotion that can control your entire existence.  It can hold back your success, money, reputation, and even feeling the success you already have!

  1. Stop fighting:  Waive the white flag with success.  Create peace around your success.  Some things to try: journaling or writing a letter to success can help with this process.  Explain the ways you’re going to open yourself to your success!

Have a fantastic week!  I wish you all so much success and peace with that success.  Let down your guard.  Let down your resistance to your BIG dream becoming your BIG reality!  I know you can do this!  I know it is hard but you are more than capable and it will open a world of opportunity for you!

And comment below on how you combat your resistance!

Lynan Saperstein

3 responses to “3 Steps to Figuring Out Resistance for Success”

  1. Alicia Jay says:

    Wow, love that last step! Waiving that white flag can be tough, especially when we’ve built up in our heads where we should be right now and where we aren’t yet. Acceptance of the current situation is so important in order to move forward. Thanks!

  2. Yes! Brilliant post, especially that last step. I love the idea of creating peace around success. It definitely makes more sense to accept and welcome it, than it does to fight it every step of the way.

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