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3 Steps to Escape COMPLAINING!

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The Worst Thing You Can Do When You Have An Issue Is…. COMPLAIN!

Complaining causes the problem or the issue to GROW.  Commiserating and coddling actually make us feel like complaining is ok and we get stuck.

The Challenge is to Not COMPLAIN if you have an issue or problem with your life or business.

Follow these steps:

1)     Take 100% Responsibility

Don’t fall into the trap of playing the blame game.  When it is your business or your life, YOU have to take responsibility.  This is what’s happening to me and find a way to handle it.

2)     Size up the Situation

What can I do?  What can get done right now?  What can I get done tomorrow?

3)     Make a Sure-Fire Action Plan to get out of the problem

This is what is going to take you OUT of the problem. 

Have a fantastic week! Enjoy this week’s coaching tip for your BIG business!

Let us know how this tip helps you grow as a person and as a BIG business owner

Lynan Saperstein

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