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3 Reasons Why Its Easier To Stop Thinking!

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1) Don’t Let THINKING, Paralyze Action!
When we sit and think, sometimes we get so overwhelmed that we actually stop and don’t do anything at all.  We get stuck in an analysis paralysis.  Over-thinking at its worst! We are so fearful of not getting tasks done or not getting them done perfectly that we don’t do them at all. We get stuck! And every task we don’t do, digs the whole deeper.

2) Be a Person of ACTION.
Put an end to all the constant thinking going on in your brain and just start doing! Use your intuition and instinct.  Be in the moment, and follow your flow of thoughts. Let your intuition guide you to the next action. When you think of an email, send it right away.  When you think of a project, pull out your notebook and just start writing ideas down.  When you think of a person you need to speak to, schedule time in your calendar. As soon as it comes to your head, get the action done. As soon as you THINK of a task, begin the ACTION in that moment.

3) Eliminate Your To-Do List! 
Stay away from LONG daily to-do lists, and carrying over actions that NEVER seem to get completed. To-do lists and the large AMOUNT of things to do can make us feel so overwhelmed.  Its OKAY to have one master list for your 30-60-90 day plans. But creating lengthy LISTS on a daily basis is a NO-NO.  One or two BIG things each day can help keep you on track. Ideally post these on a whiteboard or bulletin board to remain FOCUSED on through the day. By staying in the moment, listening to your intuition, gut instinct about what to do next, you can easily get rid of paralyzing to-do lists from your life!

Dig deep, listen to your heart, and start smart. Be a person of action and just DO instead of thinking too much. Be a person of action and get things done!

Get OUT OF YOUR HEAD and sink into your intuition and GET THINGS done for your business this week!

Please comment below if any of these tips helped you from fighting the THINK TOO MUCH monster!

Lynan Saperstein

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