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3 Reasons Why A Freakout Is Actually A Good Thing

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Is your business growing too fast? Are you overwhelmed by too much to do in your biz?

1.) Opportunity to REFRAME your thought process.

Release negative thoughts. Say to yourself: I have the tools. I have the support system. I can do this. This is a CHALLENGE. This is GOING to grow my business into a place I’ve only dreamed.

2.) Find the JOY in your FREAKOUT.

Little fun things are happening and YOU ARE MISSING THEM. When we freak-out, we are so overwhelmed with emotions that we MISS all of the cool GREAT stuff that is right in front of us. Finding the JOY takes practice and bit of EXTRA focus. But, if you step back from the FREAK OUT you see the amazingness in these EXPANDING activities. Look for your BLISS.

3.) Learning and growing is OCCURRING.

These are JUST business growing pains, the pain is temporary. Feel them. Part of your learning is falling in love with the FINISH LINE. Visualize and see all the details of your end game. You are headed there and every ache brings you closer!

Learn from the little and BIG freak-outs along the way!

Please comment below if any of these tips inspired you!

Lynan Saperstein

2 responses to “3 Reasons Why A Freakout Is Actually A Good Thing”

  1. This article is a great help to me! Thank you!

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