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13 Days to 2013 – Day 6 Exercise: Letting Go!

13 Days to 2013, Video Coaching

How to be the MOST Magnificent, Unstoppable and BIG You in 2013! A 13 Day Video Experience to Set Yourself Up For Success in the new year! Day 6 Exercise-Let Go

Today we’re doing some releasing, some letting go of thought processes!  You’re going to be more on guard, bring a higher awareness to thoughts that you have.  The ones that serve you and the ones that don’t.  The thoughts that FUEL you and keep you going, get you excited, motivated, inspired versus the thoughts that get in your way, block you, ROB you of your energy or motivation or inspiration.  The ones that stop you from taking that next step from pushing yourself outside of your boundaries to get a little uncomfortable and creating something new.

Today you’re going to be super aware.  Use your smartphone or your notebook to jot down notes regarding the thoughts that get in your way.  Watch for something that doesn’t support your highest good.  Your highest good is us at our very best, no blocks, that perfect, ideal version that you’re striving to be.  Sometimes you step into for a little while but then you get uncomfortable and step out.

Once you’ve recognized these thoughts, you want to replace that thought process. Maybe its I’m not enough, I’m inadequate, I can’t do that, I don’t do that.  Replace those with a new thought process!   For example, try something new!  Be willing to change your perception to adapt to the particular situation that you’re in.  Make more room for those BIG dreams and those BIG creations.

Today be on high alert!  Be aware of these thoughts that play the old reels of the past, who you were, who someone told you that you should be, or even perceptions you created for yourself.   Because you are creating a NEW you! A new BIG you, a new MAGNIFICENT you, a new UNSTOPPABLE you!  Let go of any of the excess, any of these old thought patterns that aren’t serving you or your highest good.  Be in your highest place of service so you are as clear, focused, and fully expressed as possible so you can do your job, be yourself, love and have a great time!

Good luck with your exercise and enjoy the challenge!   We’re doing this early on so you can keep bringing this awareness on a daily basis to releasing, letting go of thought patterns that are not serving you, not taking you to the next level or your highest good.

Make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel – www.youtube.com/thebigfactortv so you can get all 13 videos and good luck with this exercise!  I’ll see you tomorrow!

Lynan Saperstein

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