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13 Days to 2013 – Day 5 Exercise: Appreciate

13 Days to 2013, Video Coaching

How to be the MOST Magnificent, Unstoppable and BIG You in 2013! A 13 Day Video Experience to Set Yourself Up For Success in the new year!
Day 5 Exercise-Gratitude

Today we’re doing some creation, love and appreciation.  Look back on 2012 and relish in the delicious fun we had.  Reflect on the lessons learned, sometimes it wasn’t all fun and games.  But, we learned things and came out on the other side STRONGER, BIGGER and READY for anything.

Go through your calendar.  Week by week.  Look at the fun stuff you did for your business.  Networking events, new clients, and new collaborations.  In your life, fun vacations, great experiences with friends, romantic connections, and new friends.  Look back and appreciate with gratitude the loved ones, friends, and family.  Soak it all up.

Appreciate what you have RIGHT NOW.  2013 is going to be fantastic and blow everything out of the water, but 2012 was a magical, special year that helped you step into yourself.  Helped you become more fully expressed and understand yourself more.  Appreciate that!  Love that!

This is a great exercise because you can appreciate anything that you create or do moving forward because you know where you’ve come from.  You know all the hurdles you’ve been through.  It is hard to look back on tougher years so if this was a more difficult year for you look at those lessons, challenges, and healing places that you went through as things you came out the other side of.  You are stronger.  You are bigger.  You are more magnificent than you were on January 1st 2012 because you’ve been through these experiences.

Reflect back.  Be nostalgic.  Soak up appreciation, gratitude, and love.  Contact some of those people that were a part of that.  Tell them how grateful you are for them being in your life.  Thank them for the gifts they’ve given you – physical, emotional, mental.   Really sit in that place of gratitude.  If you’re heading into 2013 with so much gratitude in your heart and mind for 2012 then it will be an even MORE magnificent 2013.

Enjoy this gratitude, grateful, love exercise and I will see you tomorrow.

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Lynan Saperstein

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