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13 Days to 2013 – Day 4 Exercise: Forgiveness

13 Days to 2013, Video Coaching

How to be the MOST Magnificent, Unstoppable and BIG You in 2013! A 13 Day Video Experience to Set Yourself Up For Success in the new year! Day 4 Exercise- Forgiveness and Apologize

Today we’re going to do more releasing.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed the pattern yet but every day we’re going to do a creation exercise or a releasing exercising.   This prepares you for the New Year with the ebb and flow of the natural wave.  Creating and building up and then releasing and letting go of the excess.

Our theme today is around forgiveness and apologizing.  We live in a world where grudges and holding onto our values and beliefs very tightly can serve us for many careers.  But, for many of us holding so tightly onto these beliefs doesn’t serve us.  We aren’t open to experience life and opportunities that may change our perception or point of view.

Get out that special 2013 journal and write lists of things, situations, or people that you could forgive.  Or apologize for.  Remember that an apology needs to come from a heartfelt place.  There’s no agenda or expectations around these apologies.  You’re not expecting the person to apologize back to you.  This is just you making a choice to release yourself from the situation.  Release yourself from the drama and the chaos so you don’t bring it into the New Year.  You’re saying “That happened, and it no longer serves me and I don’t want it to be a blockage to what I’m creating and where I’m headed for 2013.”

Write these letters of apology with no excuses.  Just saying you’re sorry.  And forgiving people who may have wronged you or treated you in a way you didn’t appreciate.  The goal is to leave the past in the past and get HERE in the present moment.  In the present moment is where all the MAGIC happens.  This is where we get to change things, create things.  Releasing and letting go can make anything possible and helps us understand that everything happens for a reason.

When we release things and let go, let be and forgive, new, crazy BIG doors open for us.  Opportunities happen because we no longer have those heavy chains and weights that bind us to the past are gone.  We are now OPEN to what can happen to us in the future.

Good luck with this challenge, it’s a big one.  You can take this into the New Year.  Forgiveness and apologies are not the simplest things but I want you to treat them that way.  Saying I’m sorry is one of the easiest things you can do to remedy a situation and let go of the past.

Have wonderful day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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Lynan Saperstein

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