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13 Days to 2013 – Day 3 Exercise: Dreaming Up 2013

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Hello Friends!

We are on Day 3 of our 13 days to 2013 and today we’re going to dig into one of my favorite things to do – Dreaming up 2103.

Step 1: Shut your eyes and visualize what can happen.  Picture what could possibly be happening in 2013

Step 2: Write down your dreams.  Get a brand new, clean notebook just for 2013 and start writing down your IDEAS for what you want to create for yourself.  For your life. For your business. For your relationships.  For love. For ANYTHING you want.

Step 3: Create your future!  Once you change the thoughts in your head and plan out what is going to happen, you really can CREATE your FUTURE.

Start your dreaming today on Day 3. Think of it like planning out a TV show.  You’re planning out all the episodes of the season with your eye on the season finale.   What is going on in that last episode that you want to make happen for 2013?

Happy dreaming, happy planning and visualizing of 2013!  Let the sky be the limit and push your expectations beyond what you ever thought was possible!  Write down the secret desires of your heart.  Keep this exercise going for the rest of the days!

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See you tomorrow!

Lynan Saperstein

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