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13 Days to 2013 – Day 2 Exercise: Unclutter

13 Days to 2013, Business, Life, Video Coaching

Clean, clear and release the physical & emotional blocks in your life

On Day 2 we’re going to dig into the concept of clutter!  Clutter takes over our lives and decluttering is a great way to set yourself up for the New Year.  Declutter areas of your house, your LIFE(things, people, relationship), the loose ends that you need to spend some time on and find some ACTION PLANS for.

Get rid of things. Release things!  Is there anyone you need to just say “Thank you for helping me in 2012 but NOW it is time for me to move on.”  Get rid of the excess that accumulates over the year.  Skim the extra off the top so you can find the ESSENTIALS that you really need to be clear and focused.  This is a great time to straighten things even if you’re already an organized person!  Set up some new systems, so you can be more efficient and organized.  Not just your spaces, but also your life!

This is going to serve you, your growth, and make you as unstoppable and magnificent as YOU can be in 2013.  This is the time to do the best you can!  Even if you can only focus on one room in your house, one area in your life — that will do!  We have 11 more days to go through so you can take this day by day!  Everyday simply focus on ONE thing to declutter or organize.  Take some time to straighten just one thing!

Be aware of how the clutter can block us, our energy or creative process.  Clutter can block us from collaborating or meeting the ideal people we need to grow.  Or from the new opportunities on the frontier for ourselves and our business!

This is a time for decluttering, cleaning, clearing out so you can have the clarity for 2013 so you can be your best self!  This is a great part of the setup for what is to come!

Good luck decluttering and stay tuned for tomorrow’s video.

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Lynan Saperstein

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