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13 Days to 2013 – Day 1: Loose Ends Exercise

13 Days to 2013, Business, Life, Video Coaching

Hello Friends!

We are kicking off the premiere of how to be your most Magnificent, Unstoppable and BIG self in 2013.  13 days to set yourself up for success in the New Year.  This is the first video and in each video we are going to tackle one topic, challenge that will help us be ready, be prepared, be open and prepared to receive all of the awesomeness and abundance for 2013.

Tonight, we’re going to dig into loose ends.  Loose ends can be a huge deterrent or blockage for starting new and exciting projects for the New Year.

Here’s the exercise:
1. Get a piece of paper

2. Write Loose Ends at the top

3. Write down anything that you can think of that preoccupies, worries you or bothers you that you know is not finished.

4. Focus on the concept of completeness.  The goal is to get as much completed or resolved from 2012 or even years past. Find closure on the projects, the things you started in times past.  Give them an end to tie off so you can release them and say “that was then, and now I’m ready for what’s next.”

5. Once you have the list, sort it out into applicable categories: home, personal, relationships, business.  You can also separate your business into more specific categories (employees, clients, marketing, other projects etc). 

6. After you have the list sorted, start an action plan to get the loose ends done!  What are you going to do to complete the loose end?  What is going to let you tie it off and be done with it so you’re ready for the new!  We are starting with this so you have 13 days to get it done!

The goal is to energetically close the door to the old and allow the door to open to new opportunities. So you can open yourself up to the fresh exciting intentions you’ll set in the next 13 days.  Give the new space to grow and bloom and take root so we can have a successful 2013. 

Be sure to tune in tomorrow to our second video!  It is going to be amazing!  The best way to follow these 13 days is to subscribe to our youtube channel: youtube.com/thebigfactortv so you can get an alert every time we have a new video!

Enjoy closing these loose ends because the things that are coming after them are going to be very exciting!

Lynan Saperstein

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